How to Learn to Fix Your Own Car

Transportation is one of our primary commodities. In schools, we are often taught how to prepare a good budget in order to ensure that all our needs are satisfied. Transportation is given certain percentage on a budget together with food, clothing, shelter, education, health and etc. Transportation is given such importance because it facilitates accomplishment of other important things. There are many forms of transportation and one of the most common one are cars. Cars are one of the most useful investments since it will provide everyone with convenience and expediency in travel.

However, having a car also entails additional responsibility. The owner has to subject the car to a periodic check up, to ensure that it runs smoothly and the same time, to avoid any accidents to occur. Cars must be properly maintained in order to prevent any unexpected events to occur, including flat tires or engine dysfunction.

Cars are sometimes used for long trips and despite of your effort to make the travel as perfect as possible, you might discover that inevitable things can happen. You can’t always rely on the services of the mechanic, especially if you’re travelling in the middle of the night in an unfamiliar locality. You might feel helpless and lost if you encounter this situation and you don’t have any idea how to remedy the problem. It is always a plus to be knowledgeable in fixing a car, considering this worst case scenario.

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Quick Fixes For Car Start Problems

You wake up early in the morning, brushed your teeth, took a bath and prepared for your first big day at the office. You board your car and are ready to go to work. But hey, your car won’t start. What a perfect timing. Now you can never impress your new boss.

Car start problems are one of the biggest headaches of all. You parked your car looking good last night. Why the heck did it fail to start today? Well, there are a lot of reasons for that. If you know how to repair cars, it would take you but a few minutes to troubleshoot the problem. But for those who knew nothing about car repair, here are good suggestions where to start checking:

1. Loose battery terminals
Try to start you car again. Do you hear any sound or noise when you turn on the ignition? Well, there should be. If you don’t hear anything, there are high chances that the terminals leading to the car battery is loose. Take a look at it and tighten them as necessary. Don’t just unplug the wires though. Remember that there’s a positive and negative terminal there. Know the right placement. If tightening doesn’t work, try to clean the terminals and battery poles. Then connect the negative terminal followed by the positive. Try to start the car again.

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