Winter Time Fixes For Car Hobby Itches

The Big Boy Toys have been put away for a couple months, the holidays are behind us, its 5 degrees outside with a foot of snow on the ground and our minds in this part of the world are tuning back to, and you guessed it – our cars. Last week I watched the Barrett Jackson and Mecom auctions on TV, later I went to the North American International Auto Show in Detroit and visited a swap meet put Hosted by the Walter P. Chrysler car club. Coming up I’ll be visiting Autorama, and the boat show. These events combined with some bench racing among friends and I’ll be able to get my car itch scratched a little until spring time finally arrives.

Auctions That Establish Car Prices

I usually find the TV auctions very entertaining, especially the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday broadcasts of Barrett Jackson where you can find more of the “regular gals and guys cars” as opposed to Saturday when most cars sell for six digits and some for seven. The Barrett Jackson TV coverage this year was frustrating to say the least, it was covered on three different networks, two of which I had. The other thing, I wish they would focus more on the cars on the block instead of some of the other features they do and the seemingly endless commercials. Every 5 minutes they break for 5 minutes of the same commercials over and over again.

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Tips to Fix a Car Battery

A car which will not start commonly points to one thing that is a dead battery. It is known that the battery can have a few things wrong with it which will not allow it for keeping a charge that includes dead battery, bad electrical connection, or low water in battery cells. Actually, it can be very easy to charge the dead battery with another car and also the jumper cables or by using 12-volt DC battery charger. So, just follow the tips below to easily fix a car battery.

The first thing that you should do is to get inside your car and under steering wheel on the left side there must be a handle for popping the hood open. Then, you need to pull your hood open and keep it open. You can use propping mechanism provided if you find that your hood does not stay open on its own. After that, you should drive another car up in front of or beside your car so that the hoods can be near each other. You have to keep the non-dead car running and then pop open the hood on the vehicle.

The second thing is to connect jumper cables to the running vehicle first. You should not let the jumper cable black and red connectors touch since it will cause sparks. You have to connect red clamp to the positive terminal and black clamp to the negative terminal. After that, you should connect the other end of the jumper cables to your dead battery the same way.

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Cars Which Are Low Cost and Reliable

With life seemingly ever more hectic these days, most people don’t have the time, money or energy to keep fixing problems with their car. So if you’re on a limited budget, a good plan when buying a car is to choose one that is well known for its reliability. These vehicles do not tend to be that exciting though but they do perfectly fine for every day commuting or even for long distance travelling such as going on a holiday trip.

Toyota Corolla

The Corolla is the bread and butter of Toyota’s range of vehicles. By which I mean it’s not that awe inspiring to many but they sell lots of them and for good reason. In New Zealand you can get an early year 2000 Corolla with around 60,000km on the clock for as low as $10,000. You may need to shop around to get it at this price but it’s worth the work if you’re going to save yourself some money. Of course the price should drop considerably with higher km on the clock.

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