This is my Print & Web portfolio.

Here is a sampling of some of my recent work. The websites are fully responsive and hand coded for optimal use and fully compatible, and the prints were designed using PhotoShop. Enjoy!

Luth Research Website San Diego

I was given a "coding challenge" to test my coding skills in HTML/CSS, JavaScript and PHP which was a fun excersize to see if I had what it takes to become a web master.View>

Harcourts Real Estate Website

I did thus site for a real estate firm and was able to work remotelly on this one and took me less that an hour.

Art Dealer/Gallery Website Design

This site was probably the most fun. It uses bootstrap and was very easy to work with. Changes are very simple and make me appreciate how nice bootstrap is.View>

Secure login area

I used both PHP/MySQL to create this function, and it uses 256 bit encryption as well as a salt in order to enhance the security of any user. View>

Urt Clothing Design

I was asked to come up with an "octopus themed" design for the apparrell company. I used PhotoShop. View>

UrtDesigns - Web Design Company

I created a simple landing page with a neat little countdown script utilizing bootstrap and other scripts. It was pretty fun to build and is mobile friendly.. View>

Wheres Waldo

Wheres Waldo - URT Edition

This was a fun little project I did for URT Clothing, sort of a spoof. View>

Ronis Von Helms Law Firm Website

I built this site from the ground up and made sure it was both responsive and compatible accross all major browsers. View>

URT Clothing Website project redesign

I created a child theme for this wordpress powered site. I also gqained a "crash course" in using woocommerce on the shop side and learned quite a few things. View>

Team Luke (Nonprofit)

This is a website I built using wordpress and has a bunch of plugins added to make for some interesting aspects as well as a coundown timer to an event in May. View>